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You feel the hopelessness rise inside of you. You just can’t help feeling defeated! Every other person at work, church, or on social media, seems so happy.

It feels like everyone else is living their dreams and reaching their goals but you. What is it? Are you missing something?

What is it that you need to do? What haven’t you already done or tried to make things work out? Gosh!

Every time. It always looks like you are about to make it to the next level, but something else goes wrong. Something stalls, and you are alone again with shattered dreams.

Why? You try to be a good person. You try to pray. You work hard. Plus, you deserve to have the life you have dreamed of too, right?

You may have put forth incredible efforts. There may be no one that works harder than you. Regardless, there is only a 50-50 chance that things will work out. However, with Christ on your side, there is ALWAYS a 100% guarantee that you will have what you need (Joshua 21:45).

While things may not always go the way you plan, they will always go according to His plan (Jeremiah 29:11). If you have never tried God’s plan in your life, THIS is what you are missing!

If so, that is so awesome! Keep following Him, and it will always pay off in the end (Romans 8:28). I can say this because I know that God is all-knowing (Psalm 139:12). You deserve the best, and with God, you will definitely have it (John 14:13)!