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In this life, there are so many things competing for our attention. It even seems like so many things want to steal our focus. Many people seem to be focused on doing whatever they want with their time. Meanwhile, others may feel that it doesn’t matter what they believe in or if they don’t believe in anything at all.

While God has given us the freedom to make our own choices, it is important to consider your choices wisely (Joshua 24:14-15). We cannot allow people, places, or things to take our focus and our attention. If we are not careful, we may look up and discover that we are not free anymore but in bondage!

If we allow our minds to be overtaken in sin, it won’t be long before our body and spirit will follow. Sadly, many of us let this vicious cycle happen because we are consumed by our need to be liked or to fit in. We may find ourselves becoming more like the world and losing our own way.

Before too long, we may be afraid to stand up, stand out, or tell others what we know is right. Though we will recognize that what we are doing is wrong, there may come a point when we don’t even recognize ourselves anymore. By then, who we really are may cease to exist.

Furthermore, we could choose to hide or turn away from the morals and beliefs that we once held as truth-all for the sake of conforming. Conforming is not always a bad thing. However, what we conform to can be a bad thing.

For example, when the thoughts and opinions of others cause us to hurt ourselves, dishonor ourselves, or hurt and harm others, conforming is a bad thing! It is also a bad thing when we are shocked by what we have become and are left to wonder how we got there. We might also find ourselves wondering why we chose to hide our glow, dim our light, or negate who we are?

Why would we want to follow after people who don’t even know who they are and disrespect themselves? Frankly, if we don’t know who we are, if we don’t know our purpose in life, we can easily find ourselves going with the flow of the world. It can happen without us even realizing it, at first. Still, we don’t have to stay there. There is a way out (1 Corinthians 10:13).

However, it is time to wake up! It is time to stop listening as others say not worry about how we live or who we hurt. It is time to stop believing that the world is our playground.

In reality, God wants us to be concerned about how we live and who we hurt. He wants us to choose righteousness over sin (Romans 6:13). How can we do this? Let’s turn to God and His Word.

In Micah, He says to do justly, love mercy, and to humbly walk with God (Micah 6:8). In Matthew 22:37, God says to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, and mind. Then, in Mark 12:31, He says to love your neighbor as yourself.

Let me be clear. We can’t do any of these things by ourselves. Yet, when we let the Holy Spirit teach us how to do these things, then we will have the desire and the ability to do what God requires (John 14:26). Then, we can encourage someone else to do the same!