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We protect our phones with a password and malware protection. Our cars have alarms and locks for the doors. Our homes have security systems with hi-tech capabilities to ensure our possessions and loved ones are safe.

Yet, we often forget and neglect the one thing that needs to be protected the most. This one thing is our heart. For some reason, we just don’t think about protecting it like we should!

Ultimately, we protect our heart when we put God and His Word first. He is love, and we must be taught how to be love and be loved. Only He can teach us this, so it is wise to love Him and put Him first (1 John 4:16)!

By allowing God into our heart, He will be there to heal what hurts our heart. We will soon find that Holy Spirit is securing and standing watch over our heart (2 Timothy 1:14). However, this can’t happen if we don’t allow God to be our first love.

With Whom we spend the most time and what we spend the most time doing, that is what we value and love. It will be what consumes our thoughts and our desires. Let’s desire to have our hearts burn for Christ and His ways (Hebrews 12:28-29).

Let’s make Christ our deepest desire and with Whom we want to spend our time. Even when we are with others, God should be in our heart and guiding our decisions and deeds. When His Spirit consumes us, we will know who is for us and who means us no good. This is because He will give us spiritual discernment.

When we seek God’s counsel and not our own, we will have His protection (Proverbs 2). We cannot trust our own judgement. Our own understanding will always lead us astray.

We can’t see inside the hearts of others or their true intentions. Only God can do that. I encourage you to allow Him to be the King and protector of your heart today!