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As Thanksgiving draws to a close, I am thankful for the new memories my family and I made today. Although all of us were not together, we had phone calls, text messages, and short visits with each other throughout the day. Since my father passed away, 18 years ago, this holiday feels different and bittersweet.

Growing up, Thanksgiving was a big event for our family. While today was a special time, I must admit how much has changed. Besides dad, my older sister, and uncle are not with us anymore.

Also missing were several other family members celebrating elsewhere. Some were with their own families or other loved ones. Yet, no matter where we are, we will never forget what this time of year is all about.

For us, it is all about Jesus. Just like Christmas, our family knows and understands that Jesus is the reason we should give thanks. Who else can we thank for the fact that we have a warm bed, food to eat, and are able to see another day!

Jesus also helps us to love each other and to be there when it counts. Though we may not get together as much as we would like, when we do come together, it is all love. Therefore, I pray that you were able to spend this holiday with someone that you love. Be blessed!