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I know you are excited about what you do for God. Thank you for not hiding it. You know that you are making a difference in the lives of others when you share Jesus with them (Matthew 5:14-16).

You could be doing anything else, but you choose to keep letting your light shine for Jesus! Your excitement excites me. It gives me a boost to keep shining too.

Keep shining, and let the world know that you love God. Let them know in your art, song, music, dance, or how you care for others that you know the Lord. Thank you for living life with joy. In everything, give thanks (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

I appreciate those of you who post scriptures, videos, or sing songs of praise on social media. Thanks for doing this, in the midst of the bad and negative things going on in the world. Seeing your joy and hearing your testimonies help me to stay positive and hopeful.

Just went it seems like no one cares about love or the Word of God, I see one of you willingly revealing your love for Him! This is why I know there are still those who love Jesus like I do! You are out there, and I know that there are more.

I know God is pleased with you shining your light. Though being bold can have consequences, I thank you for not letting that stop you. We must encourage our friends and loved ones, who know the Lord, to be bold for God as well.

God’s people can set the tone and change the atmosphere with our love and joy that He placed inside of us. Just as we encourage each other, let’s continue to do this for the rest of the world (1 Timothy 2). So many people are down, sad, and hurting.

That is how I feel today. Even though I woke up in pain today, I am still celebrating Jesus and His goodness, anyway. I will go out into the world today knowing that I will be taking His love, joy, and peace wherever I go! I will show that I love Jesus with my life today. I know that you will too. Be blessed, and be safe!

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