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If you have done the wrong thing, who hasn’t. If you feel like the world is judging you, don’t look at them. Look up.

God is there looking down on you. He is speaking Words of love to you. Just open up your heart.

No matter how long it has been. No matter how many times you have tried and given up. You can always start over. You can always turn around.

God is everywhere, so start where you are, and He will be there! Nothing matters but the longing in your heart and the love that He has to offer you. Put the past in the past.

You are able to come to God as you are (John 6:35). Just come to Him now. Tomorrow is not a guarantee, and neither is the next breath.

You don’t have to know all the answers. It is not needed to know all the verses in the Bible. Being without sin is not expected to come to Christ (1 John 2:2).

In fact, having sin in your life is what qualifies you to have His forgiveness (Romans 4:5). You only need to believe in Him and confess (Romans 10:9). You see, God didn’t send His Son Jesus for people without sin (John 3:16). Jesus came for the broken and the lost.

This includes myself. When I came to Christ, I only knew of Jesus, but I didn’t have the relationship with Him that I have now! However, I believed, in my soul, that Jesus loves me and that He took my sin and my shame, so He could die in my place!

Since the day I gave my life to Him, I have walked with Christ, and I have learned how to hold His hand. Though I sometimes fall short, His love for me has taught me how to be more like Him (Psalm 94:12).

I can’t promise you that you won’t ever have trouble in your life, while following Christ. I can’t say you won’t have some sorrows or any pain. One thing I can tell you is that Jesus walks with me, and He promised that I would never go through anything alone (Hebrews 13:5). My life is so much more fruitful with Him than without Him! I can’t imagine my life without Him, and I pray you will consider your life with Him. He love and forgiveness is waiting for you today.