Never give up on yourself. I know that your teachers, neighbors, church members, and even your family may have judged you. I know that they have not always been kind to you and have written you off.

Don’t you be like them. Believe that you can make it. Don’t lose sight of the future you once planned.

I know it looks bad now. Opportunity seems to be hidden and out of view. When you look around, you see hopelessness.

Don’t look at that, look to Jesus. He has your back. Wasn’t He there all along (2 Timothy 2:13)?

Wasn’t it He who has held your hand and comforted you through those long, lonely, nights? If He was there then, why not now? Don’t lose hope.

You can start over. It is never too late. I don’t care what they told you!

It doesn’t matter what they believe. You just have to believe. It is your faith that will get you through this.

This darkness won’t last long, but I hope and pray that your faith does. Don’t look down. Look to Jesus.

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