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There are so many people who are doing the same things that you are or want to do. However, there is only one you. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Be who you want to be, as long as it allows you to give God glory in it (Psalm 145:1).

There will be offers and suggestions to change and to do what others are doing. Don’t settle. Don’t conform.

You will see trends change and tides turn, but only the faithful and the committed will survive. Show that you are in your ministry, whatever it is, for the long haul. Demonstrate that you are not here for the likes or the hand claps.

The hand claps are nice, but they will often turn to pointing fingers and daggers in your back. Therefore, don’t be moved or swayed by the crowd. Be moved by God and what He has called you to do (Psalm 119: 105-112)!

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