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I recently spoke to someone who is going through a health crisis again. It is something that is forcing them to take a look at their life. They can keep doing the same things or change.

If they don’t make the needed changes, the pain will continue. The doctor visits will continue. What’s worse, they could damage their body!

Though their issue doesn’t seem life-threatening, it really is. Stop and think about it. Pain constantly, medical bills, missing work, being bed-ridden, and the list goes on.

Doesn’t that sound like it is life-threatening. I am not trying to tell someone that they have to do this or that. Your life is your own.

What I am saying is that I care about people. I want them to be healthy and get the most out of their lives. I want that for all of us.

Therefore, just take a second to think about your decisions and what you put into your body. That is all I am saying. Case in point, I have to eat gluten free. If I eat something that isn’t, I immediately feel the effects, and some effects last days, weeks, months afterwards.

Yes, I can eat whatever I want. Yet, doing so, I know the results and can only blame me. It is something to think about. I attached a video about something I was diagnosed with myself and suffered through for decades and had several surgeries because of. I will blog about it more later…Enjoy your week. Blessings!