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Being that I am human too, I know why it may be hard for someone to admit that they are flawed. Sometimes, it is easier to look at what everyone around you is doing than it is to be honest about where you fall short. It is easier to tell someone how they are wrong.

For many of us, we get tunnel vision and don’t want to focus on what it is that we have done wrong. We think that coming to Christ means that we don’t have to change, or we think that we can hold on to the things that we don’t want to give up. However, we must admit that we need to be completely changed (and not just forgiven) by Jesus

Obviously, this doesn’t happen all at once. As a process, we can surrender all our wrongs to Jesus and allow Him to do the changing inside of us Try as we might, we can’t change ourselves. We also can’t pat ourselves on the back when we do something that we should do, nor can we make excuses when we don’t do what we know we should do.

It takes having accountability for everything we are and have done and giving it all to Jesus. We should desire not to take our lives back out of His hands. No matter how much we do grow in Christ, we can’t fix ourselves. It is God’s grace, through Jesus, that saves us (Ephesians 2:8-9).

Though it hurts to admit it, we are pretty messed up apart from Jesus (John 15). We must ALWAYS live a humble existence before Him. No, don’t condemn yourself. Love yourself, and forgive yourself as God has done.

However, don’t ever assume you can make it on your own! Every day, we must thank God for what Jesus did on the cross for us (John 3:16). We must regularly remind ourselves that we need Jesus!!! I know that I do.

This video is a short explanation of why we need Jesus.