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Titus 3:7 

For most Christians, as soon as we get saved (myself included) we get excited and feel like we have it made. For some reason, we get the impression that all of our problems are over because we are saved and baptized. Even worse, we believe that it is okay to go about our business and not give much thought about what we do. We tell ourselves, remember, “We have been forgiven of our sins.” This is what we tell ourselves!

With such thoughts, we live and make choices that are not “Christ-like” or don’t do much to help us grow in our faith walk. To the contrary, these actions push us farther from Christ, spiritually. As a result, a relationship with Christ becomes the last thing on our mind, but we believe that we have one!

When it does occur to us to focus on a relationship with Jesus, we may start to feel condemned and give up. On the other hand, we may feel pressed to get closer to Jesus because we realize that we are not growing in their faith more than we should be. Perhaps, we start to wonder, “Why not me?” “What am I doing wrong?” “Why are things not changing?”

Well, as someone who has been here, I can tell you that we don’t have to wonder why. We don’t have to stay in a cycle of completing “religious acts” to “square us away” with Jesus. Instead, we can simply do what Titus 3:7 reminds us to do: Don’t forget that we are justified by grace.

Don’t forget that we need God’s guidance and input in our lives. This is where Jesus comes in and should never be left out! Only He can make us righteous and acceptable before God. Therefore, we can’t just take His free gift of salvation and jet!

Allow me to explain. As I mentioned earlier in this blog, once we have this free gift of salvation at our disposal, we often do what the 10 lepers did (Luke 17:11-19). Like them, we go running away, with excitement, forgetting to stop and thank Jesus for saving us (only one actually thanked Jesus for healing him).

If this is you, don’t beat yourself up. So many of us forget to stop and thank Jesus for what He did on Calvary’s cross (John 3:16). Not only should we thank Him, we should and ask Him to take our hand and lead our lives forever. Let’s also not forget to go and tell someone what Jesus did for us (John 4:29)!

Once Jesus has set us free, let’s not leave Him in the dust and go on to lead ourselves. Let’s not go forgetting that we did not save ourselves! Let’s always keep what He did at the front of our minds and in our hearts.

Believe me, I am not pointing fingers at anyone reading this. What I am doing is reminding you what I try to remind myself daily, “NEVER FORGET!” Never forget that Jesus died for us, and we are under His grace.

Never forget, that only Jesus should be leading us. While He doesn’t want to make our decisions for us (Revelation 3:20, we must learn to turn to invite Jesus into our lives daily. In doing so, before long, we won’t hesitate to ask Him about our plans before making a move!

In closing, I hope and pray that we all NEVER forget to share our testimony with others. Doing so is a great way to help others heal, as well as ourselves. It is also a great way to disciple others for Christ (Matthew 28:18-20), and most importantly, it allows us to stay humble and at the feet of the Cross! As always, be blessed.