Have You Ever Been There?

 https://biblehub.com/romans/8-13.htm (not living according to the flesh)
 https://biblehub.com/luke/22-42.htm (submitting your will to God)
 https://biblehub.com/romans/12-2.htm (renewal of your mind)
Photo by Ingo Joseph on Pexels.com

People can be frustrating. Even you and me. It happens.

People used to bother me so much. They would really make me angry. At least, I let them make me that way.

By the grace of God, I am learning to let things go, just breathe, and give people some grace. To help me with this, I make it part of my prayer to have the right response to people and situations that I face. I also ask God to help my deeds not be a stumbling block to others.

When I do this, I find that my day goes better. My attitude is better, and there is less drama. That is always welcome.

I don’t know about you, but I saw a lot of drama in high school. I can recall girls saying things, wanting to fight me, it was interesting. I am not an instigator and always try to mind my own business, so I am sure those individuals were just angry or saw something in me they didn’t like.

Not that I am making excuses for them. Looking back, I can empathize. We were kids, and I pray they have allowed God to mend their ways.

Wow! These days, I realize that people like that grow up but not always in maturity. Instigators and agitators are always around. We just have to be ready to deal with them.

Unfortunately, this is especially true in the church. It is definitely there in the workplace. Always when you are just trying to get work done or enjoy your lunch break.

You know how it is. People constantly complain, talk about others, or even try to engage you in it. This led me to not eating in the lounge very often. It also led to me plain avoiding certain people.

Making that change helped a lot. However, you can’t always avoid negativity. Sometimes, you have to face it. As I grew in my faith, I learned this. I learned to pray before I spoke, about when not to speak, and about what to respond with.

Thank God, Jesus has changed me. I no longer try to reason with certain people because it doesn’t change anything (only God can). I have learned to just be silent and let things go. Though it is sometimes hard, I just ask God to help me. He has saved me many times with this. Not to say that I have perfected this yet, but I am SO much better!

When I felt strongly about something, I wanted my opinion heard. If someone hurt me, I wanted them to know. I even had to have the last word to prove my point.

Yet, I can look back and see where I have grown, am growing, and allowing God to change me. That is the thing most important to me, that I allow God to do the changing. I can’t change a thing in me, no matter how I try.

It is important to see the changes that God is daily making in us and to give ourselves grace. Yes, I hold myself accountable to God’s standards and His Word, but I also know that as long as I continually abide in Him I will keep growing. I can definitely see the changes in me that God has made.

My desire is to look more like Him and that others will see less of me and more of Him. That is also part of my daily prayer. I pray that for all of us as well.

Published by K. Laremore

The author of the blog is Dr. K. E. Laremore. She is a Christian, an educator, and she has a background in social services. She participates in bible study and women's ministry.

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