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When I think about life without Jesus, it terrifies me. When I think about the world and what is going on, there is NO WAY that I would live here without Jesus! I mean, I tried that (before and after becoming a Christian), and it only led to lack of peace a lot of wrong decisions.

Sure, God blessed me to get a great education, and I learned a lot, and it took me to experiences and places I never dreamed. Yet, how does any of it prepare me to live a life of true meaning? Not to knock it, but nothing I have done has gotten me closer to understanding the meaning of life or how to live peaceably with others.

Instead, it made me more focused on gaining things and drove me farther away from time with Jesus. I became more confident in my abilities (and not His)! Thank God for my education, but I am not my career or education. I can be separated from those things, but I never want to be separated from the Lord!

In the past few years, I have seen that more clearly. Especially, as of late. Most of us get caught up in the idea of the “American Dream” (if you are American or live in countries that have that ideology). We think that we need more things or need to have a “bucket list” to complete before we die.

All I know is, the main thing on my list every day is to seek Christ, so He can help me proceed with my life. Even as a Christian, I still must choose to seek Him. Believe it or not, there are people who believe being saved means that they are going to automatically seek Jesus. Yet, they may not see that they can, just as easily, seek themselves, others, or other idols.

Thank God, I have learned to seek His perspective, and I have learned the importance of submitting my all to Christ. I won’t always get this right, but I have to make the attempt, and God will teach me how to do this. In whatever season, in abundance or lack, God wants us to seek Him first.

I have been on both sides, so I know how challenging it is not to rely on yourself. We could be living in luxury, or we could be about to lose our home. Either way, we should trust that God knows how to take care of us. We all should be seeking God first.

Thank God, I have learned that it ALL should begin with Him. As a child, Proverbs 3:5-6 was my favorite scripture and one I memorized. Yet, with time and experience I have begun to internalize what it really means. I see it now, and (by His grace)I live it now!

Just a thought. Just a revelation I got, upon waking this morning. Just wanted to share.

Seek first the kingdom of God… Matthew 6:33