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I was just visiting with one of my friends that I have known for over a decade now. We met when we were both teaching in the school system. I first met her when I had to go on sick leave for several weeks.

Today, we got together and caught up on life. Interestingly enough, we both are no longer in the classroom anymore. We both left the classroom, due to life changes beyond our control. For me, it was health. For her, it was family.

In the end, we both have been challenged, but we have grown a lot. We pray with each other. send each other scriptures, and our families often get together to fellowship over dinner or other outings.

My other good friend has been so supportive as well. We also met in the school system. She had subbed for me many times.

I met her my first year of teaching in the classroom. Like her, I subbed before getting my own room. When she decided to go into the teacher program, I was so excited for her! Funny, we have switched roles. Now, I am hearing all about her school experiences and give advice when she asks for it.

Two years ago, when I was first diagnosed with Lyme (now Chronic Lyme), I had to bail out on my friends a lot. I couldn’t go out to dinner or sit in a movie theater. However, they understood and were supportive.

Still, when we can, I love to catch a movie, grab a smoothie, go to a restaurant, or thrift shop. Unfortunately, we don’t do our walks anymore because long walks are hard on me at the moment.

I recall, it was so touching to hear my friend say, “That’s okay. I don’t care what we do. I just want to hang out.” Now, that is a friend!

Though there is no friend like Jesus, I pray that we all maintain and nurture our relationships. Let’s pray over them and submit them to God. He often gives us so many wonderful people to bless and be a blessing to!

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May we be a friend that loves at all times.