When it comes to racial and social justice, I believe that only the Holy Spirit can do the changing today. I can’t change anyone, no matter how I try. Like Dr. King, I am letting Jesus fight my battles. I can’t change a person, but I can choose to change my response, be nonviolent, and love them.

Though this is not always a popular belief, I am a child of God, so I am not meant to be popular (1 Peter 2:9) https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1+Peter+2%3A9&version=KJV . I am okay with that.

In closing, I hope today is more than just a “day off” for you. It definitely is for me! If you don’t know why this is a holiday, look up the history. Please, also feel free to watch this video below of one of Dr. King’s famous speeches. Be blessed.