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We all want to relate to others and to be related to. We want to help people with their issues and encourage them. However, we must use discernment and never make the conversation about us.

We must be aware when we are making the conversation more about our worldviews and our own experiences. When we are referencing more of our thoughts than God’s Word, we need to check ourselves. We need to take a step back!

Knowing when takes discernment. It takes having a regular conversation with the Holy Spirit. Then, we will know when to share, ask, or simply keep silent. We must always ask God how to handle our witness.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I play it very close to the vest about a lot of things. It takes a while before I share things, but it is from discernment and often out of obedience to the Holy Spirit that I do this. When I do share, my concern is not focusing so much on myself or how my situation turned out. At times, I fail at this.

Not only do I want to keep me in check, I also want to build rapport and trust with the person, but there are times when I am led to share or minister to those I don’t even know. In those moments, I definitely have to lean on the Father and not myself. Again, it takes removing the focus from yourself and putting it on the person, so that God can speak to them and get the glory (

Of course, I have gotten very sound, spirit-filled counsel from people I didn’t even know, and we were connected by divine intervention. Once again, it goes back to my point that it is all about being Spirit-led. Not by my emotions or feelings, but by the Holy Spirit.

I am so glad that there are people who have allowed God to use them to minister to me. Thankfully, they were obedient and allowed God to use them to empower my life. I am still gleaning off of some of the words they have spoken to me that day, today!

God puts all of us into the lives of others. Hopefully, we are encouraging one another to try the spirit by the spirit (1 John 4).

“Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.”

While it is often tempting to share what we would do or our own thoughts, we must always allow God to speak through us to others. We should only want others to hear God’s voice, so that they may learn to trust Him.

As a blogger on my site and my YouTube channel, I only want to point others to Jesus. I only want others to draw closer to God and His Son Jesus. This is always my prayer.