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Sometimes, your story won’t be pretty or free of pain. However, there is a way to experience more joys than sorrows. In God’s Word, Jesus let’s you know that He wants you to grow and prosper in and through Him

Yes, Jesus wants you to experience more joy, more increase, more power, more covering, more anointing, and more breakthroughs. He even desires for you to experience everything that God has created you for and put you here to do However, it starts with you making the decision that you want the abundant life that Jesus is offering (John 10:10).

In order to receive it, there has to be some changing. There has to be some spiritual maturing, so you can handle your new life in Christ. Giving your life to Jesus is only part of the process (John 3:16), you must also fully commit to giving Him all authority in your life

Think about it. You could stop with a relationship with Jesus, but will this get you closer to the abundant life you were made for? Is that going to allow you to experience life in abundance? Along with Christ, do you have a relationship with the Holy Spirit? You will need to know them both to grow and change