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Today, I attended family Bible study. The topic was on helping others in need. In this lesson, we studied about how the Pharisees only did things to be seen or to be praised by others.

However, this should not be the way that you or I behave. As followers of Christ, when we do something for someone, we should do it to honor God. We should also let the fact that God is pleased be enough for us.

Don’t do things to be seen or heard by others, like the Pharisees. Instead, do it in secret, or don’t make a big deal about it to others. Keep a humble heart, and give thanks to God for blessing you to do what you do.

God knows our hearts, and He knows our intentions. He should be our only motivation for what we do for others. Only He should be our audience, because no one else’s validation matters or should be required.

Even if someone can’t pay you back, be willing to help them. Remember, God is our source and supply, and He will make sure we have what we need. When you honor Him with your life, He will be sure to honor you.

Matthew 6:1-8