What Tools Do You Use?

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As I prepared for my day, I spent some quiet time with God. All of the sudden, I felt Him speaking to my spirit about using “spiritual tools” to equip myself in the faith. It was then, I knew that I would write about this topic today.

Further confirmation came when I read 1 Timothy 4:7. It says that we should spend our time and energy becoming “spiritually fit” https://biblehub.com/1_timothy/4-7.htm. It also lends itself to the conversation that the single’s ministry was having last night.

At a coffee shop, next to our church, we met and talked about why we love our church, using our spiritual gifts, and what steps to take to become more engaged in the church, its members, and its mission. Ultimately, the mission is all about helping others be their best in the Lord. Meanwhile, this take effort on all of our parts.

Corporately, we have to work together to equip and edify one another in the work of the Lord https://biblehub.com/ephesians/4-12.htm. If one of us just stops doing this, it weakens the body. It causes the spiritual gifts, that one has, from being utilized by the body to the glory of God!

Which brings me to my point for today. What ways am I, are you, using to keep us “fit”. How are we intentionally exercising our faith? What steps are we taking to ensure that we continue in this Christian race?

As for myself, I got to thinking about this. Doing this blog about faith and relationship with Christ, attending community groups at church, conducting my own Bible group study, doing my faith-based You Tube videos, and being on the church worship team are some things that I do to “exercise” my gifts and my faith in God. Not only do they strengthen me, but they help to edify and encourage others in the Lord https://biblehub.com/1_thessalonians/5-11.htm.

Speaking of encouragement, I look forward to tonight because we have rehearsal for Sunday worship service. We will be doing a new song, and it has been in my head all morning. Since Monday, I have been listening and viewing videos to learn or review the songs that we are singing. Singing is one of my ministries, and according to my sister, I started singing for Jesus, since the age of three!

To conclude, some of these things that I have mentioned (above) are how I “exercise” my faith, encourage myself in the Lord, and allow God to reach others through me. What about you? What “spiritual tools” are you using or plan to use today and the rest of the week?


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I started writing this blog to show others that if God can change me, He can change them. If God can use my life, He can use theirs as well. We all have a place and purpose in the Kingdom of God if we desire it!

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