Say Thank You

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More and more, I am learning what it means to really thank God for His goodness. Though my praise can never match what He does, it is necessary. It shows that I recognize that all good things come from Him It shows that I understand that only He can do what He does for me, and I make it my business to thank Him every chance I get.

Truthfully, I don’t need God to do something major for me to say thanks. Just Him waking me up in the morning is a huge deal and totally praise worthy! Some of the things He has done in the past are still enough for me to thank Him for, and I do.

From time to time, I just sit and think about the amazing things that God has done in my life. The things He has kept me from are so many to name. How He came through in the very moments that I called Him or showed up just in time, I can’t begin to count.

My prayer is to never be a person that fails to honor God for what He has done. He will always get my praise and my worship. The glory will always go to Him. Whether it is the things that He has done, is doing, or is about to release into my life, I know that all credit must go to Him!

In the middle of the night, I often lay awake, singing a song of praise to Him. Early in the morning, I get up thanking Him for keeping me alive and safe in my home. Driving down the road, I am thanking Him for blessing my day and for what I am believing that He is about to do when I get where I am going.

When you know that you will never be, do, or have anything without the help of the Lord, it is even easier to acknowledge Him. This is my story! Perhaps, it is yours.

As I close, I want to share the story of the leper who came back when Jesus healed him. He fell to the ground and praised God for what He had done (Luke 17:15-20). May we be like Him and recognize where our healing, help, and blessings come from! Amen.

Published by Dr. Kavonye E. Laremore

I started writing this blog to show others that if God can change me, He can change them. If God can use my life, He can use theirs as well. We all have a place and purpose in the Kingdom of God if we desire it!

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