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God is as close to us as we want Him to be. He is never too far away because He is everywhere at the same time (Jeremiah 23:23). I have only found God to be far when I was the one being distant.

You may look at it differently, but for me, having a relationship with God is all on me. It is up to me to choose to be one with Him. I can be as close to Him as I desire to be (Joshua 24:15).

It took me a while, after years of being saved, to understand that one! Now, I am constantly doing my part to keep the barriers and walls, in my life, down. I will not allow things like busyness, fear, and doubt to come between me and my God (Romans 8:35).

When circumstances arise, I have to decide that nothing is more important than being at peace with God!

So how do I keep my relationship with God tight? Lots of intention. Just like any other relationship that I care about and want to maintain, I do what it takes to keep the love and trust strong (on my part).

Again, God is not the issue. I am the one that needs to continue putting in the effort to communicate, spend time, and trust Him (John 15:4). By the way, my relationship with God is not JUST ANY RELATIONSHIP.

What I have with Him is so much more. In fact, when I am abiding deeply in Him, everything else and every other relationship stays in tact and gets stronger! God is the only person I know Who can make my whole life run smoother. He makes everything in my life good (Romans 8:28).

Honestly, there are moments when I feel like I am not doing my part in our relationship. When I feel that way, I go to Him and ask Him to reveal my heart to me. I ask Him to help me to love Him more, honor Him more, and to show me anything in my life that shouldn’t be there, so that I can be even closer to Him!

It’s in those moments, that I feel recharged and rejuvenated. There are no clouds looming over me. No regrets or things left unsaid between us.

God is always speaking to me, but I also need to be sharing my heart with Him. He already knows what I am feeling and thinking, but saying it (out loud) takes burdens off of me (1 Peter 5:7).

When I come completely clean with Him and share my heart with Him, I am free to love others. I can go out and face the world with peace! Whatever comes my way, I know it will be fine.

No matter what, we are on the same team. We are walking hand in hand. We are facing life together. I just have to keep believing this and keep “giving it to God”. Whatever “it” may be.

Prayerfully, we all will “give it to God”. May we all draw closer to Him, so He can draw closer to us (James 4:8). It is what He wants, and it is what we need!

Published by Dr. Kavonye E. Laremore

I started writing this blog to show others that if God can change me, He can change them. If God can use my life, He can use theirs as well. We all have a place and purpose in the Kingdom of God if we desire it!

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