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Needless to say, I always appreciate when I can go to church and participate in praise and worship. However, when I am sick or unable to attend, I still have a praise. It is an honor to praise God for His goodness!

He is too good to just sit there and be silent! He will always find me worshiping, regardless of what physical state I am in! Amen.

This is the kind of relationship with God and His Son that I want. It is the kind of relationship that I encourage others around me to have. Definitely, it must come from the heart and come from your own personal testimony.

Today, I just wanted to share some of the praise and worship songs that I love and have sung at my church or at home. Singing God’s praise always takes me to another place. It helps me to forget about myself and my burdens and give them to God!

“My mouth is filled with Your praise and with Your splendor all day long.”

Psalm 71:8

Until next time, have a blessed rest of your week, everyone!

One of the songs we sung on last Sunday.
One of the songs we are singing next Sunday.