Thank God For the Vision

He is able! Ephesians 3:20-21
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Hello. I pray you are enjoying your day. It is a bit rainy right now and has been for several days. Anyway, it is still a blessed day.

Besides working on this blog today, I have been busy. I just uploaded a new video to You Tube called, “Being Faithful” (it is based on 2 Timothy 4:7). Plus, I am getting ready to attend the Single Women’s Meeting tonight.

It isn’t being held at our church. Instead, it is being held at the coffee shop next door. We are studying about being a functional member of our church and how to do this effectively.

Today will be our second meeting of the semester. I am excited about it. Last week’s meeting was awesome.

What I am also excited about is my new store on Teachers Pay Teachers. On my blog, I try to encourage others in stepping out in faith and doing new things or doing things that God has given them the talents and spiritual gifts to do. As for me, besides writing, I am an educator, and I like to be creative in my free time.

For this reason, I have been working on new resources to put in my store. About a week ago, I uploaded some of my reading comprehension resources for the FIRST TIME. That’s right. Brand new to this.

This week, I will be adding some new resources on vocabulary practice. It is almost ready. I am just editing it and making sure it is ready for the public!

Without the knowledge and wisdom from God, I would not have been able to finally do this. It has been a long-term goal of mine. Since my days in the classroom, I have always made my own resources to teach with. As a tutor, I do the same thing.

It is a little scary, but it is also exciting. For those of you who are doing new things in 2020, I am sure you feel me. With God all is possible (Matthew 19:23-30).

As a former reading, English, and reading intervention teacher, I am so excited to share some tools that have served me well in the classroom. I have taught K-6, so I will be posting resources for these age groups. In the future, I will be uploading some spelling activities as well. All of my resources have answer keys because, as a former substitute teacher and classroom teacher, I know how much of a saving grace they are. Especially when it comes to grading, answer keys are lifesavers!

If you are an educator or work with students in any way, be on the look out for my resources! I have attached a link below. On the site, you will find that I have one FREE product there. I love FREE stuff, don’t you? As for the other items, their prices are also listed.

Again, as a former classroom teacher, I have made the prices very affordable. If you are not an educator, feel free to pass my website information along to a friend who is and could benefit from the resources!

Have a blessed day!

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I started writing this blog to show others that if God can change me, He can change them. If God can use my life, He can use theirs as well. We all have a place and purpose in the Kingdom of God if we desire it!

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