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There is not a friend like Jesus, but we still need to have at least one good friend, here on this earth, to do life with! Would you not agree? I went to a recent women’s meeting, and we talked about friendships and how to handle friends who were not very supportive. Then, I heard a sermon on friendships, and it got me to thinking.

With this thought process, I wrote this post to discuss an issue that is very important in today’s culture. Many people are lonely or feel misunderstood, even if they are known by lots of people. However, knowing lots of people doesn’t mean you have a close friendship with all of those people.

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Think about it. How many of you still hang out with 10 percent of the people you grew up with or went to high school with? I mean, do you call each other, go on trips, eat out, visit each other’s homes, etc. Not many can say this is true.

Honestly, a close friendship is sacred, and it is hard to maintain, but it is possible. We just need God’s help and input with this! Just like we need a close relationship with Jesus (#1), we should have friends who love and support us and hold us accountable to the Truth of God!

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Constantly, I ask God to reveal to me who is for and against me. I do this because I know He cares about who I hang out with. He cares about who I date, and who I marry. Why? He cares about my soul, and He cares about yours!

In closing, I love how the Bible puts friendship. It reminds me that my friends and I should be like-minded about life and how to live life in Christ. We should push each other to effectively use our gifts and talents and to live for God!

“Iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.”

Proverbs 27: 17

As a guest pastor said recently, “I am not telling you to get rid of your friends.” What I am doing is encouraging you to grow in Christ. To do this, you need community. It cannot be done alone. You need moral support and encouragement in Christ.

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I pray you have this. Have an incredible day in the Lord! With love, Kavonye.