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"Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her."  Ephesians 5:25

First, let me say that my pastor and church leaders support marriage and “dating to get married”. My pastor is not one to encourage “casual dating”. I also agree with these principles. This is why I have made dating and marriage a new category in my blog.

Moving on, the above scripture is one of several verses our pastor used in Sunday’s sermon. In his sermon, the pastor told all of us to ask ourselves this question. “Is it possible to fall in love and stay in love?” Of course, he said, “Yes.”

One thing that I loved about Sunday’s sermon is that the pastor reminded us that effort must come with saying, “I love you.” In addition, he said that many people have had bad or rare examples of what love is. For this reason, some look to Hollywood, Netfilix, or social culture to learn about relationships.

Honestly, this teaching series gives me much to think about. For instance, we all have to ask ourselves if we are willing to not just “fall in love” but “stay in love”! I must say, we have lots of married couples, in our church, but how many are truly happy? I pray that many of them are, and I pray that for you too (if you are married).

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Still, refreshers like these sermons are great to hear. Many people get divorced. They stay in “loveless relationships”. Because of this, I think the pastor’s question is valid in today’s society and the church.

Another question that he asked is “if we can be humble, value others, and put their needs above ourselves”? Not to the point of hurting ourselves but to the point of honoring the other person and not making things all about us in the relationship. This is another good question for people who date and hope to get married!

If we can’t do these things, then maybe marriage is not for us. Like the pastor said, it takes work. It takes being willing to love another person through the ups and downs.

In closing, the pastor reminded us that we need to abide closer to Christ to love like He does. Otherwise, we can’t “stay in love” without a Christ-centered marriage. I am sure these points will give us a lot to talk about this week in community groups. Hopefully, it gives you a lot to talk about in your own circles. Think about it, and talk about it with your own single or married friends. Have a blessed week!