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As long as we live on this earth, suffering and sadness is on the agenda, but it doesn’t have to be dealt with alone. It doesn’t have to make us fearful or depress us. Instead of giving up and feeling hopeless, we can reach out our hand to Jesus. We can allow Him to pull us out of our old life and into a new one with Him.

Daily, we are dying in our physical bodies, but with God we can live life anew. It can begin here and now, if we want it. If we are willing to admit we can’t make this life work on our own, God is willing to save us from this life of constant fear, depression, stress, violence, and sickness.

God doesn’t cause these things to happen in the world, but He has the solution to them. He can even help us to keep our joy, in the midst of them. How? By letting go of the tight grip we have on our life.

By turning it all over to God. By admitting that only He knows what this world needs and what we need. Friends, God has designated His Son, Jesus, to teach us how to exist in this dying world.

With the help of Jesus, we can rise above all that is wrong with this world. While surrounded by the chaos of this life, Jesus can teach us how to have peace and not be overtaken by this world.

Yes, there is a life after this one. There is a better world after this one. However, it can start now. It can start today.

The new life can begin, when we start living it with Jesus! Only He can help us make sense of this life. Only He can help us believe that we can make it.

In closing, I pray that you will join me in living life with Jesus. I pray that you will see that this life will never be beautiful or make sense without Jesus in our lives. With Him, no matter what goes on around us, life can become so BEAUTIFUL.

Here is to beautiful days ahead,