“Charm can be deceiving, and beauty fades away, but a woman who honors the LORD deserves to be praised.”

Proverbs 31:30

“Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.”

1 Peter 5:7
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Did you know that dating can be like buying a car? At least, that is the analogy one of our pastors used, yesterday. During his message, he said that single women should do their “homework” on a date. This means knowing what they want, knowing what they don’t want, and making sure that they get what they want in a mate (and eventual husband).

Before I continue, I guess I should mention that this is the third sermon in the “Love, Dates, and Heartbreaks Series” this month. While, the other messages were on marriage, yesterday’s message was all about single women and dating. However, the pastor pointed out that married women should pay attention to what he was saying too.

I also want to quickly point out that the message included encouraging women to be content in singleness and to not be willing to settle in a relationship. For instance, he pointed out that lots of married women (who settled) are with someone that they don’t really want. He went on to say that these women (who settled) got married to escape loneliness or were willing to ignore signs that God was showing them from day one!

As I sat there listening, two other women from the single group were also seated in my row. Meanwhile, the pastor continued talking about how some single women don’t ask the “important questions” on a date. He said that this is because some women get “caught up” in how the man looks, how nice he seems, and how much fun he seems.

Last Wednesday, the pastor shared some of these same notions with the single women’s group. No. He doesn’t usually attend.

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To our surprise, the leader of the group invited him to join us at our meeting. In her defense, a few hours prior, I received a text letting me know that he would be there. Knowing he was coming was a mixed bag, for me.

Not because it was the pastor. Let me tell you, he is very friendly and puts himself out there with everyone. Every Sunday, he has his hand out with a smile.

Still, I wondered why he was coming. It’s a single LADIES group, after all. According to the text I received, he was coming to get feedback for Sunday’s sermon.

That was fine, but I was looking forward to the group discussion that we ladies always have. We keep it biblical, but we have fun and laugh! It’s a new group, but we are quickly forming a sisterhood.

With him being at the coffee shop with us, all that sisterhood had to wait! Regardless, we had a good discussion with him. He was very transparent about his single days and encouraged us. He even offered to counsel us and talk to the person we were dating or would date in the future. “I will ask the hard questions,” he said.

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This week, I am sure we will have lots to talk about. It will be interesting to hear what each of the ladies have to say about yesterday’s sermon. In closing, what do you think?

Is dating like buying a car? Do you feel women should “do their homework”? While I do agree with the pastor, I know that only time can tell (even after marriage) because a person must be observed in various scenarios and situations. Only then, can you really know where someone stands with Jesus or their faith in Him!

“By their fruits you will easily recognize them. Are grapes gathered from thorns or figs from brambles?”

Matthew 7:16

Until next time…K