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As children and even adults, some look for acceptance and encouragement from others. Yet, there is only one person whose acceptance I want. His name is Jesus!

Because of this, I can’t imagine a day without seeking out who I am in God’s Word. Point blank, it tells me who I am. The Word reminds me that only God’s power can make everything possible! I only need to believe in Him and love Jesus.

Any time that I find myself off course or unsure of the next step, I go to the Word of God. It always gives me the comfort and peace that I need. Though I may start off in the right direction, life happens.

Life often gets you down, discourages you, disgusts you, or perplexes you. In those times, I stop what I am doing and go to the Word for a remedy. Immediately, I find my center again and let go of all the lies and confusion from the outside world.

All at once, those feelings that were overwhelming me subside. I can shake off insecurity, comparison, or the need to be my own provider. I don’t even have to worry or rely on others to take care of me or provide for me. All I have to do is cling to Jesus and the Word of God at all times.

Sure. Family and a faithful few are there to call on. Thank God for them! However, nothing and no one can provide for me or love me like Jesus. If they forsake me, I know He never will!

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This is my prayer for others.

I pray that they have a deeper relationship with Jesus and are trusting in Him alone. Come what may, you can still stand on the rock of your salvation in Jesus! Find yourself in Him!

“Every word of God is pure: He is a shield unto them that put their trust in Him.”

Proverbs 30:5

May you find yourself in Him today,