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“I wait for the LORD; my soul does wait, and in His word I put my hope.”

Psalm 130:5

Once, someone asked me if I believed that God would come through for me at the eleventh hour. I was taken by surprise, with the question. Not because I didn’t believe but because I could not believe that the person asked that kind of question.

This person didn’t know it, but they sparked something in me that day. From that moment on, I learned how to be bold about my faith. I learned how to look any situation in the face and say, “Yes. I believe God will show up in the eleventh hour.” That is exactly what I told that person.

For years, since that incident, I have been telling fear, that same thing. Sometimes, I have been a bit nervous, but I still have the same response. I can have this response because God has shown me that He is trustworthy!

Interestingly enough, when I made that declaration to the individual that day, God allowed me to put my “money where my mouth was”. He allowed me to stand on His Word and show that I meant what I said. He allowed me to be tested over and over again.

I was tested not because God is cruel but because He wanted me to trust in Him. Even today, I can look back and think about all of the times that God has allowed me to be tested. Every time, it was hard. Many tears have been shed.

Things were so hard that I wanted to quit. Many times, I did. However, the Spirit of the Lord was on the inside, and He would not let me give up for long. God kept bringing to my memory all of the times that He had come through. I could remember all of the times that He brought me out.

In the moments that I was about to “cash it all in”, that was when God blessed me! Just as I was about to give up and say I was done, every time, God showed up. Then, I learned to wait a little longer.

Waiting became a little easier. My faith got stronger. My thoughts of giving up started to be a thing of the past. More and more, I began to give God praise.

I praised God before I could see it. I thanked God before it happened. Right on time, every time, it happened. Maybe, not as soon as I would have liked, but it happened.

When it happened, I didn’t get everything the way I wanted it, but God still answered my prayer. He heard my cry. When God shows up, when He answers you, you don’t care how He does it. You are too busy thanking Him for doing it!

I want to leave you with this. God will come through. It may not seem like He is coming. People may not believe and tell you to stop believing, but don’t listen to them.

Instead, listen to the voice of God. Listen to what He did before. Listen to what He did the last time. Then, say to yourself, “God will come through.”

I am a witness that He will come through,