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What kind of friend do you prefer? Do you want a friend who is kind, patient, and honest? Do you value friends who are willing to put your feelings and interests ahead of their own?

When friends don’t do these things or meet these criteria, how does it make you feel? Are friends like these worth your time and energy, or would you walk away from them?

Would you walk away from you? That is, do you believe that you are a good friend? Are you kind, patient, and honest? Are you willing to put the feelings and interests, of your friends, ahead of your own?

When it comes to your friendships, do you have more expectations of them than you do for yourself? On the other hand, do you provide your friends with the love that you want in return? Maybe you have never thought about it, but have you evaluated how you rate as a friend?

Rating yourself, as a friend, is necessary. From time to time, it is important to analyze how you measure up to the expectations that you have for others. For instance, if you want friends who listen, then be a good listener.

As you evaluate yourself, review what the Bible says about friendship. For instance, Proverbs 17:17 says a friend is loyal, and a brother is there in time of need. Does this describe you?

In closing, what I am asking you is not something that I don’t continue to ask myself. In fact, being a good friend is something that I work on and pray to keep improving in! I am sure that you also want to be the kind of friend that you want in your life.

Most importantly, I want to be the kind of friend that God will be proud of. Well, I know that I can get there, and so can you. Every day, let’s agree to allow God to show us how to be a good friend. Likewise, God expects our friends to be good to us too. Pray over your friendships, so that the Lord may give you guidance in this area.