Learning From Struggles

Whenever I used to go through a hard time, I saw it as the end of the world. My whole attitude and mood was affected by it. As a result, my praise and worship was affected. Yes, even while being a Christian.

Because my blog is all about learning and growing, I want to share this topic. This topic is important, because so many people go through this very thing. Though some won’t admit it, even saved people go through this.

However, sharing our struggles is what helps others to come to Christ. It also helps believers to grow and to be set free in Him! I am sure you want to see both of these things happen. I know I do.

Anyway, what I also want is to continue learning “how to struggle well”. This means building endurance and strength during tough times. It also means learning how to have joy in the midst of pain.

Notice, I said “struggle well”. You see, struggling is not always a bad thing. It can actually be good and help you to grow, if done properly.

Personally, I don’t always view having to wait, being disappointed, or not always seeing a victory as ways to struggle well. To the contrary, these experiences actually build our character and can also help us to mature as believers in Jesus. Through prayer and godly counsel, I have learned this.

What I have also learned is how to give thanks, no matter what. This is a hard one, praising in the storm, but I have learned that God always gives us something to be glad about. When we can’t find a reason, we should keep praising until there is one.

Sometimes, we just have to be willing to dig through the rubble, in our lives, to find it. One thing that helps us to do this, is the Word of God. Through studying the Bible, we can learn to entrust our lives to God and to ask Him what His will is for our lives. Then, we will learn that His promises are always true and that we are not alone.

Finally, with the help of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, our view of struggle can’t help but to improve. By faith, we will no longer view struggle as a burden to get through. Day by day, we will come to expect that the power of God will always win! We just have to be willing to hold on and see this power manifested in our lives.