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How many of you are patient people? Well, I am not a fan of grocery lines. You need lots of patience there.

I will share an example of what happened to me today. To preface this, I am not saying I have 100 percent the best patience, but I did very well today. Picture this.

I was standing in line with only three things. Because of this, I was hoping to get in and out of the store. By the time I got in line, only three people were in front of me.

While I could have gone to a self-checkout, I don’t like those. Besides, I went to the store early to avoid long waits. Normally, there would’ve been several lines open. However, there was only one line open this morning.

As I looked, I saw that the lady in front of me had quit a bit. She seemed nice, so I hoped she’d let me go in front of her. Not everyone does this type of thing, but I think it is good courtesy.

Usually, I will allow others to go ahead of me if I have more than they do. Just the other day, I let a man get in front of me because he had to catch a ride. As for the lady, she did not make such an offer to me.

Several times, she looked back at me but did not say a word. In response, I just prayed within myself. I asked God to help me to be patient. Finally, she was on her way, I was able to put my things on the counter, and the waiting was over with.

Before long, I realized something else that made me quite uncomfortable. The lady, who had been behind me, was now standing at my side. I mean, she was side to side with me.

Mind you, we are still “social distancing”. We are supposed to be. Either way, this lady was so close to me that you would think she was family. If I had turned right, we would have been eye-to-eye.

Anyway, I chose to ignore her and remain calm. After all, I had on my mask, and she was wearing one. I was thankful for that. Yet, I know that she saw the signs that said, “Six feet”. They were all over the floor.

All of a sudden, the lady put her things on the counter before I had finished being checked out. Again, we were to be staying on the square provided. No. She was well over this boundary and in my personal space.

I could feel emotions rising up in me, but I stayed in the Spirit of the Lord. Meanwhile, she did not stand back from the counter like she was supposed to. She continued to break the “six feet rule”.

All I could do was just ask God for strength. I knew I was being doubly tested. First, the waiting. Now, this other situation. Determined not to make a scene, I held my peace.

Still, even before quarantine, I respected other people’s personal space and prefer others to do the same. Obviously, people are going to do what they want to do, and I can only control my behavior. Driving home, I realized that I wanted to write about patience today.

I wanted to share my experience and to say that we all will have our patience tested. In traffic, at work, or even at home. Like you, I am constantly learning and growing in this area. When we need patience, God will help us if we call on Him.

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith.”

Galatians 5:22

“with all lowliness and humility, with patience, bearing with one another in love.”

Ephesians 4:2