I grew up with very coarse hair. I still have very coarse hair. However, I have learned how to maintain it and love it for what it is. After all, it is what God gave me.

Now, I have friends who are not natural. I have been there, and I get it. That is okay.

I know they love themselves and their hair too. Them not being natural doesn’t mean they don’t love being black or having black hair. In fact, some friends have tried natural, and they didn’t like it. One friend even told me, “Kavonye, I like natural on you but not on me!”

As for me, my hair has gone through so much, over the years. Since age 10, perms and relaxers have been put in my hair. Since, age 19, I also have put dyes in my hair.

By 2013, I went natural. I did so, due to constant damage and breakage. Plus, my scalp became very sensitive and irritated, and I could not take it anymore.

Last year, I also decided to let my gray come fully in and not dye my hair anymore (I started graying at 17). Meanwhile, I have another reason for going natural with my hair. A decade ago, I had fibroid tumors.

No, friends. I am not telling you to stop wearing perms or relaxers or to stop coloring your hair. If you saw the video, you know there is no definitive proof that these products cause you to get sick.

However, there is proof that they can damage your hair. Again, this is my experience that I am sharing. As always, I pray what I have shared was informative for those needing to hear it.

Enjoy your day,