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Did any of you grow up with the “Family That Prays Together Stays Together” sign? My father had it on the front of his car. It was always a way for me to identify his car, when walking toward it. That plate was the first thing I saw!

Anyway, it is so true. A family that prays together does stay together. Sure, there will be trials. There will be misunderstandings, but the family, rooted in prayer, will stay together. If they really are determined to, it is possible.

“Take heed, watch and pray; for you do not know when the time is.”

Mark 13:33

For example, my family began having Bible study together over eight years ago. Though we had the option of our own church Bible study and Sunday School and had our own private study times, my twin brother wanted us to come together once a week. Every since then, we have done this as a family.

When we get together, we don’t just study. We pray. We also sing and make prayer and praise reports about people we know. We also pray for our world.

Since starting family Bible study, some of us have passed away, moved away, or have had other obligations to arise. Without fail, unless some uncontrollable thing comes up, family Bible study still happens. We look forward to it, because it may be some of our only contact for that week.

Again, I am not going to tell you that we have never had a problem or hard feelings. When we do have them, we know how to solve them. We also know Who can solve them. We know the enemy uses hard feelings to separate families, and we refuse to let that be our story.

It just so happens, we will be meeting tonight. As I am writing this, it came to mind. In case you would like to know what we study, we usually review the upcoming Sunday School lessons. I will attach links to some of the teachers I follow, below. These teachers follow the “universal” Sunday School lessons, so they are always on what most Christian churches are studying.

Not sure, but I may have mentioned, in other posts, that myself and my family members have or do teach Sunday School. Therefore, coming together, as we do, helps to bring more insight for upcoming Sundays at church. Sadly, Corona has changed how Sunday School looks for some churches.

In closing, I look forward to welcoming God in, tonight, with the family. There is always so much happening in the world and our own lives. It just pays to come together in a unified stance against the devil! It is also important to lift Jesus higher and higher! In good times and bad, we are determined to be a family that stays together. Amen.

Praying for you and your family,