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Have you ever felt like someone was placed in your life for a reason? Recently, I was told a story about someone who experienced this. They were minding their business and crossed paths with someone who was very distraught.

At once, it was apparent that this person needed encouraging. Then, came the thought about just walking away or saying, “I’ll be praying for you.” Another thought came that they needed to take time to listen to this person.

I will mention that my friend was a believer in Jesus and felt this was a moment sent by God. Soon, they began talking, and the individual just opened up to them. A lot came out of that conversation and many other conversations, down the line.

Now, they are the best of friends and are walking in Christ together. Wonderful, isn’t it? Yet, this doesn’t always happen. Not every encounter leads to friendship, but this one did. You never know what God has in store or His purpose.

Sometimes, we are “too busy” or distracted to find out. I’m sure this is even true for the person I am telling you about. However, on this day, he decided to engage this stranger.

The stranger, now a friend, had lots of personal issues and needed a relationship with God to help them through it. Thankfully, my friend felt “called” to respond and not ignore the tug on his heart. Had he listened to himself and not the Holy Spirit, he would have missed out on witnessing to his friend. He would have also missed out on encouraging him through some of the hardest periods of his life.

Wow. A great lesson in discipleship. Prayerfully, it inspires and motivates you. Every day, God gives His children opportunities to lift someone up and lead them to Jesus Christ. Meanwhile, it is up to us to take those opportunities.

“Those who are wise will shine as bright as the sky, and those who lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars forever.”

Daniel 12:3