God’s Way

Photo by Simon Clayton on Pexels.com

Have your way, God. You are needed. You have always been needed.

In our families, you are needed. In our circumstances, you are needed. In all that we do, you are needed.

Lord, God. You have our permission to come into our lives and have your way. Only you can deliver us, Father.

Only you can save. Your way is pleasing. Your way is the only way. Without you, there is no way.

Thank you, in advance. Thank you, for giving us Jesus. Thank you for all that you have and will do for us. Thank you, for being all that we need and for being God.

With all that we are, we surrender everything to your will and way. We receive everything that is your perfect will. You know what is right for us. Your will be done, in our lives. Forever. In Jesus’ name. We, your children, say thank you.