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It is so inspiring to see some of the ways that Sunday School teachers are making resources available to teach children online. I am also seeing churches, slowly, starting up activities at church. This whole experience is new, and we are all learning and figuring it out.

Meanwhile, I am often reminiscing about being a youth and what it was like learning about Jesus. For instance, I recall waking up to the morning gospel broadcast from the kitchen radio, every Sunday.

Right away, I would also smell something cooking. One of my favorites was hot rice on the stove, and I would eat it with sugar and vanilla. Then, my brother and I had our choice of strawberry or chocolate Nestle Quick to sip on before heading out the door.

On the way, we would see our Sunday School money lined up on the table. Like clockwork, dad did this every Sunday morning. The night before, mom would have our clothes ironed (until middle school). That way, we could leave for church on time.

Per usual, we would be the first ones to arrive. Dad would get set up, because he was the superintendent. My brother and I would do whatever our dad might ask us to do. Otherwise, we would take our seats in the pews.

Oh, the pews. I can still see the two Bibles and a hymnal in the back of each row. Often, a fan and a collection envelope would be there too. Sometimes, last week’s bulletin would be there and on some of the seats.

By noon, the place would be hopping. Three songs would be sung, unless there was a special request from the pastor. Then, announcements, sick and shut in report, and the offering time came.

At the altar call, I usually stayed at my seat. Sometimes, I would go up, but I preferred to just hold hands with the people who had stayed at their seats too. However, by the time I was 12, I was in the choir box with the other children in the youth choir.

Before joining the choir, I would often be sitting in Children’s Church. Back then, we sat front and center and stood up to share songs, prayer, and scripture with the congregation. Then, we would collect our offering.

By the end of the day, we would wait around for dad. He was also a deacon, so he had to help with “church business”. Once we got home, off with the church clothes. We would hang them up to wear one more time.

Sometimes, friends from church would ride home with us, so we could ride bikes or go to the store. Lots of good Sunday memories are still on my mind, lately. As well, I am constantly praying for the youth and their spiritual growth. Though church has changed for them, there is still so much that remains. There is hope in Jesus!

Below, I have attached a link to a pair of teachers who provide Sunday School ideas for teaching the youth.

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