So Much To Be Thankful For

When I think about 2020, my mind wants to immediately go to all the bad things that have happened: the tragedies, the illnesses, the deaths, the poverty, the social unrest, and the reasons to fear.  When this happens, I choose to redirect my mind and do what the Bible says.  I choose to think on things that are true, lovely, honest, of a good report, and worthy of praise (Philippians 4:8).  Along with this, I am encouraged to cast all of my cares on Christ Jesus (1 Peter 5:7)

Such an attitude is foreign to much of this society and this world.  However, there is no other choice.  Sure, getting frustrated and giving up is an option, but it is not one that bears positive results.  Throwing in the towel does nothing to bears good fruit, in this life.

When others want to point out everything that is wrong with the world, when others insist on focusing on gloom and doom, it helps to silence it all.  In the place of what is others’ opinions, is the truth of God. While there may be bad in the world, the world is God’s. He is creator. He is truth. Therefore, I only want to hear God’s voice, because He will always speak peace to every situation.