Standing In The Wisdom Of God

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Man has acquired a lot of knowledge.  Through their knowledge, they have amassed great wealth.  Their knowledge has also enabled them to solve many of the world’s problems.  In addition, they have been able to produce countless inventions.  In the midst of enjoying their accomplishments, some of these individuals will not acknowledge God’s role in their achievements or their very lives.  Still, this does not have to be your resolve.  Instead, as a Christian, you can lead the way in glorifying God.

When others refuse to humble themselves or acknowledge the wisdom of God, you can be different.  For example, as you achieve things and fulfill your goals, you can acknowledge God.  Further, you can allow the Holy Spirit to guide the ways in which you use your knowledge and your talents.  No matter how high you climb or how far you get in life, you can choose to stay humble before the Lord (James 4:10)

Then, when others stand back amazed and wonder how it was possible, you will know.  You will be able to give all credit to God.  This is because you know that it is God who makes all things possible for you.  Forever, you can declare that only God opens doors that no man will be able to shut (Revelation 3:8)!