Praising While Driving

Photo by Mauru00edcio Eugu00eanio on

Whenever I am on the road, I like to keep the car stocked with my favorite praise and worship tunes. These days, I do not listen much to the radio. Instead, I love to put in my own CDs to “get my praise on”. There is nothing like beginning and ending a day with positive and uplifting music. For today’s selection, I chose a song that has been in heavy rotation (for the last several years). It is called So Good to Be in Love.

To the average person, the title may sound like the title of a love song, but it is not. Then again, it is a love song…to Jesus. You see, this song is all about loving being in love with Jesus and how good that makes you feel inside.

You know what? I love the lyrics of the song. It is so good to be in love with Jesus and to recognize that you need it in your life all of the time. In fact, it feels so good to know how much Jesus loves us! Would you not agree? To hear this praise song, click below.