Three Years

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Three years may not seem very long, but a lot can happen in that amount of time. When it is spent with purpose and intention, three years can have miraculous effects and consequences. For my uncle, and for my family, three years would mean so much.

Before my uncle came to live with mom, he had been married, lived in a major northeastern city, had been a businessman, took great pride in his health and fitness, and he was versed in social culture and politics. When he spoke, he would express himself with a very big voice.  He was also saved, but he did not attend church regularly.

When my uncle came to live with mom, he was a widower, he was living closer to where his life began, he was a veteran and retired worker, frail and hard of hearing, and talked in a low voice. He still loved knowledge and expressing his views. He soon began to join in on Bible study and would join in on the singing. 

Sometimes, I laugh thinking about how my uncle would beat one of us to reading a scripture.  If you hesitated, he chimed right in! Not only did he enjoy reading, he began to enjoy attending church services. So much so, my uncle would report what he enjoyed about the sermons. 

Though he fought for several days, last week, my uncle was laid to rest. Had he lived to see this Fall, he would have been 93 years old! His name was Doug, and he was my mom’s older brother and last living sibling.

He loved jazz, history, watching the news, and talking politics.  He also loved to wear hats and take long walks, when he could.  Throughout his life, he loved being independent but appreciated knowing he had loved ones who wanted to help him.  Though I wish he could have stayed here longer, my uncle completed the course that God planned for him (Jeremiah 29:11).