Belief That Changes Things

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You know, so many times, we think that we have to do big talks to change the hearts of men. This is effective and has its place. On the other hand, it can be our actions that are our greatest testimony. By demonstration of our faith and taking meaningful stands, for Christ, we can plant seeds that will reap harvests for years to come!

Like all of us will have to, Daniel chose to take a meaningful stand. Although he could have done what everyone else was doing, He chose to serve God no matter what. This was especially true when others found “fault against him concerning the law of his God” (Daniel 6:5-7).

In doing so, these “presidents of the kingdom” and others (Daniel 6:7) developed a decree where it was unlawful to pray to “any God or man within thirty days” (Daniel 6:12) except the king. Still, Daniel chose to not only pray but did so three times a day with his window open (Daniel 6:10)!

Boy did it speak volumes! King Darius watched as Daniel demonstrated his beliefs. He saw Daniel’s faith in his God, but still signed the decree. As king, he saw he had no other choice (verses 14-17).

As a result, he cast Daniel in the lion’s den (Daniel 6:16). Meanwhile, the king was hoping to see God come through for Daniel (Daniel 6:14-16). Don’t you see, this is evidence of God moving in the circumstances of Daniel!

He was even working on the heart of the king (verse 14-20). We see further evidence of this, when Darius calls Daniel the “servant of the Living God” (Daniel 6:20) and asked Daniel if his God could deliver him from the lions.

This was Daniel’s reply:

“My God hath sent his angel, and hath shut the lions’ mouths, that they have not hurt me: forasmuch as before him innocency was found in me, and also before thee, O king, have I done no hurt” (Daniel 6:22).

When the king saw that Daniel was unharmed, he was joyful and made a decree that “in every dominion of my kingdom men tremble and fear before the God of Daniel…” (Daniel 6:26). Wow! What a revelation that can only be made through utterance of the Holy Spirit!

Isn’t it wonderful and amazing when we can be bold for God? See how it can change things and circumstances. This is how demonstrating faith in God can not only change our circumstances but effect change in others and the world at large. What a witness!

Thank God For the Vision

He is able! Ephesians 3:20-21
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Hello. I pray you are enjoying your day. It is a bit rainy right now and has been for several days. Anyway, it is still a blessed day.

Besides working on this blog today, I have been busy. I just uploaded a new video to You Tube called, “Being Faithful” (it is based on 2 Timothy 4:7). Plus, I am getting ready to attend the Single Women’s Meeting tonight.

It isn’t being held at our church. Instead, it is being held at the coffee shop next door. We are studying about being a functional member of our church and how to do this effectively.

Today will be our second meeting of the semester. I am excited about it. Last week’s meeting was awesome.

What I am also excited about is my new store on Teachers Pay Teachers. On my blog, I try to encourage others in stepping out in faith and doing new things or doing things that God has given them the talents and spiritual gifts to do. As for me, besides writing, I am an educator, and I like to be creative in my free time.

For this reason, I have been working on new resources to put in my store. About a week ago, I uploaded some of my reading comprehension resources for the FIRST TIME. That’s right. Brand new to this.

This week, I will be adding some new resources on vocabulary practice. It is almost ready. I am just editing it and making sure it is ready for the public!

Without the knowledge and wisdom from God, I would not have been able to finally do this. It has been a long-term goal of mine. Since my days in the classroom, I have always made my own resources to teach with. As a tutor, I do the same thing.

It is a little scary, but it is also exciting. For those of you who are doing new things in 2020, I am sure you feel me. With God all is possible (Matthew 19:23-30).

As a former reading, English, and reading intervention teacher, I am so excited to share some tools that have served me well in the classroom. I have taught K-6, so I will be posting resources for these age groups. In the future, I will be uploading some spelling activities as well. All of my resources have answer keys because, as a former substitute teacher and classroom teacher, I know how much of a saving grace they are. Especially when it comes to grading, answer keys are lifesavers!

If you are an educator or work with students in any way, be on the look out for my resources! I have attached a link below. On the site, you will find that I have one FREE product there. I love FREE stuff, don’t you? As for the other items, their prices are also listed.

Again, as a former classroom teacher, I have made the prices very affordable. If you are not an educator, feel free to pass my website information along to a friend who is and could benefit from the resources!

Have a blessed day!

Serving God With Gladness

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Hey there, everyone. I pray you are having a fabulous week so far! As for me, I am preparing (literally right now) for next Sunday’s service. I am up listening to songs in preparation as I write to you. Since I was a kid, I have worked with music in the background. Worship music is the best background music (to me anyway).

Moving on, for the first time, I will be singing back to back Sundays, but it will be cool! Allow me to explain. At my church, we have two services. If you serve, you serve for both services, so it makes for a long day (especially with the 45 minute gap between services)!

That being said, I am glad to report that I not only made it through both services last Sunday, but I was pain-free the entire time. For anyone who serves on a worship team, you know how physically tiring it can be. When I sing, I like to move, so I am so thankful I was able to. Sometimes, I have to be still or am not able to sing full range.

However, this time, I had full use of my vocal range and no shortness of breath! This is nothing but the grace of God. His grace is always there, and it is up to God to intervene as “He sees fit” for me (Matthew 6:10).

In the meantime, I continue to pray over my voice and my body because I submit my all in worship to God and know Him as a healer! Whatever God allows, He allows, and I surrender to this. Regardless, He is STILL good (Psalm 100:5)!

Honestly, I have to say this because some only think God is good when there is no pain or no problem. Not true at all! If I hurt the rest of my life, GOD IS STILL GOOD TO ME!!!

Needless to say, I always appreciate when I get a reprieve. I was not the same person I was last Thursday, at rehearsal, who had to stand up and walk around to relieve back pain and stiff joints. Praise the Lord! Faithful and merciful when it is deeply needed (Psalm 86:15). He allows what He allows, and knows what is best. Anyway He blesses, I will be satisfied.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
    neither are your ways my ways”,
declares the Lord.
“As the heavens are higher than the earth,
    so are my ways higher than your ways
    and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

Isaiah 55:8-9

Now, on to this Thursday. I have another rehearsal. Prayerfully, I will be able to sing another Sunday without pain. Either way, Lord willing, I will be up there (James 4:15)!

I have sung with pain, shortness of breath, or whatever. As long as I am able, I will be up there singing for Jesus! Even if I have to sit in the audience and am unable to stand (which happens sometimes), I make a joyful noise to the Lord (Psalm 100).

He is too good to just sit there and be silent! When He allows me to get a reprieve from pain, I thank Him. No matter what, God IS a loving God to me. He will always find me worshiping, regardless of what physical state I am in! Amen.

Until next time, have a blessed rest of your week, everyone!

One of the songs we sung on last Sunday.
One of the songs we are singing next Sunday.

Be With God

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God is as close to us as we want Him to be. He is never too far away because He is everywhere at the same time (Jeremiah 23:23). I have only found God to be far when I was the one being distant.

You may look at it differently, but for me, having a relationship with God is all on me. It is up to me to choose to be one with Him. I can be as close to Him as I desire to be (Joshua 24:15).

It took me a while, after years of being saved, to understand that one! Now, I am constantly doing my part to keep the barriers and walls, in my life, down. I will not allow things like busyness, fear, and doubt to come between me and my God (Romans 8:35).

When circumstances arise, I have to decide that nothing is more important than being at peace with God!

So how do I keep my relationship with God tight? Lots of intention. Just like any other relationship that I care about and want to maintain, I do what it takes to keep the love and trust strong (on my part).

Again, God is not the issue. I am the one that needs to continue putting in the effort to communicate, spend time, and trust Him (John 15:4). By the way, my relationship with God is not JUST ANY RELATIONSHIP.

What I have with Him is so much more. In fact, when I am abiding deeply in Him, everything else and every other relationship stays in tact and gets stronger! God is the only person I know Who can make my whole life run smoother. He makes everything in my life good (Romans 8:28).

Honestly, there are moments when I feel like I am not doing my part in our relationship. When I feel that way, I go to Him and ask Him to reveal my heart to me. I ask Him to help me to love Him more, honor Him more, and to show me anything in my life that shouldn’t be there, so that I can be even closer to Him!

It’s in those moments, that I feel recharged and rejuvenated. There are no clouds looming over me. No regrets or things left unsaid between us.

God is always speaking to me, but I also need to be sharing my heart with Him. He already knows what I am feeling and thinking, but saying it (out loud) takes burdens off of me (1 Peter 5:7).

When I come completely clean with Him and share my heart with Him, I am free to love others. I can go out and face the world with peace! Whatever comes my way, I know it will be fine.

No matter what, we are on the same team. We are walking hand in hand. We are facing life together. I just have to keep believing this and keep “giving it to God”. Whatever “it” may be.

Prayerfully, we all will “give it to God”. May we all draw closer to Him, so He can draw closer to us (James 4:8). It is what He wants, and it is what we need!

Say Thank You

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More and more, I am learning what it means to really thank God for His goodness. Though my praise can never match what He does, it is necessary. It shows that I recognize that all good things come from Him It shows that I understand that only He can do what He does for me, and I make it my business to thank Him every chance I get.

Truthfully, I don’t need God to do something major for me to say thanks. Just Him waking me up in the morning is a huge deal and totally praise worthy! Some of the things He has done in the past are still enough for me to thank Him for, and I do.

From time to time, I just sit and think about the amazing things that God has done in my life. The things He has kept me from are so many to name. How He came through in the very moments that I called Him or showed up just in time, I can’t begin to count.

My prayer is to never be a person that fails to honor God for what He has done. He will always get my praise and my worship. The glory will always go to Him. Whether it is the things that He has done, is doing, or is about to release into my life, I know that all credit must go to Him!

In the middle of the night, I often lay awake, singing a song of praise to Him. Early in the morning, I get up thanking Him for keeping me alive and safe in my home. Driving down the road, I am thanking Him for blessing my day and for what I am believing that He is about to do when I get where I am going.

When you know that you will never be, do, or have anything without the help of the Lord, it is even easier to acknowledge Him. This is my story! Perhaps, it is yours.

As I close, I want to share the story of the leper who came back when Jesus healed him. He fell to the ground and praised God for what He had done (Luke 17:15-20). May we be like Him and recognize where our healing, help, and blessings come from! Amen.

What Tools Do You Use?

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As I prepared for my day, I spent some quiet time with God. All of the sudden, I felt Him speaking to my spirit about using “spiritual tools” to equip myself in the faith. It was then, I knew that I would write about this topic today.

Further confirmation came when I read 1 Timothy 4:7. It says that we should spend our time and energy becoming “spiritually fit” It also lends itself to the conversation that the single’s ministry was having last night.

At a coffee shop, next to our church, we met and talked about why we love our church, using our spiritual gifts, and what steps to take to become more engaged in the church, its members, and its mission. Ultimately, the mission is all about helping others be their best in the Lord. Meanwhile, this take effort on all of our parts.

Corporately, we have to work together to equip and edify one another in the work of the Lord If one of us just stops doing this, it weakens the body. It causes the spiritual gifts, that one has, from being utilized by the body to the glory of God!

Which brings me to my point for today. What ways am I, are you, using to keep us “fit”. How are we intentionally exercising our faith? What steps are we taking to ensure that we continue in this Christian race?

As for myself, I got to thinking about this. Doing this blog about faith and relationship with Christ, attending community groups at church, conducting my own Bible group study, doing my faith-based You Tube videos, and being on the church worship team are some things that I do to “exercise” my gifts and my faith in God. Not only do they strengthen me, but they help to edify and encourage others in the Lord

Speaking of encouragement, I look forward to tonight because we have rehearsal for Sunday worship service. We will be doing a new song, and it has been in my head all morning. Since Monday, I have been listening and viewing videos to learn or review the songs that we are singing. Singing is one of my ministries, and according to my sister, I started singing for Jesus, since the age of three!

To conclude, some of these things that I have mentioned (above) are how I “exercise” my faith, encourage myself in the Lord, and allow God to reach others through me. What about you? What “spiritual tools” are you using or plan to use today and the rest of the week?


All For the Glory of God

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Today, I attended family Bible study. The topic was on helping others in need. In this lesson, we studied about how the Pharisees only did things to be seen or to be praised by others.

However, this should not be the way that you or I behave. As followers of Christ, when we do something for someone, we should do it to honor God. We should also let the fact that God is pleased be enough for us.

Don’t do things to be seen or heard by others, like the Pharisees. Instead, do it in secret, or don’t make a big deal about it to others. Keep a humble heart, and give thanks to God for blessing you to do what you do.

God knows our hearts, and He knows our intentions. He should be our only motivation for what we do for others. Only He should be our audience, because no one else’s validation matters or should be required.

Even if someone can’t pay you back, be willing to help them. Remember, God is our source and supply, and He will make sure we have what we need. When you honor Him with your life, He will be sure to honor you.

Matthew 6:1-8