Christian Education Resources

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Sunday School Made Simple

This program outlines weekly Sunday school lessons and provides suggestions for how to begin and facilitate a lesson all the way to the end. It follows along with the Precepts for Living Commentary.

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That Sunday School Girl

The presenter teaches younger students as well as adults in Sunday school classes. There are various days in which they present content for such classes. You can simply watch the uploaded videos of the classes or participate live.

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Chrissy & Sissy

This program offers lesson ideas for teaching young students the word of God on a level they can understand.

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Precepts for Living

This is an online resource for weekly Sunday School lessons, studying the Bible on your own, or for teaching a community group.

Precepts For Living (

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The Beat by Allen Parr

THE BEAT by Allen Parr – YouTube

This minister applies the word of God to every day topics and often responds to questions from viewers of his YouTube channel.

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Bible Hub

This is online source can be used to search for reference scriptures and Bible commentary.

Bible Hub: Search, Read, Study the Bible in Many Languages

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YouVersion is an option for receiving daily scriptures emailed to you. You can also create your own study plans, by searching Bible topics. You may also invite friends to join in on Bible study groups and discussions.

YouVersion: Creating experiences to encourage & challenge people to seek God daily.

Open Bible

Use this resource to search for cross references to passages of scripture.

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Christian Books

John 16:33

Tell Someone

This is a book about sharing the good news (Gospel of Jesus Christ) with others.

Tell Someone: You Can Share the Good News: Greg Laurie: 9781433690143 –