Belief That Changes Things

You know, so many times, we think that we have to do big talks to change the hearts of men. This is effective and has its place. On the other hand, it can be our actions that are our greatest testimony. By demonstration of our faith and taking meaningful stands, for Christ, we can plantContinue reading “Belief That Changes Things”

You Can Start Over

Never give up on yourself. I know that your teachers, neighbors, church members, and even your family may have judged you. I know that they have not always been kind to you and have written you off. Don’t you be like them. Believe that you can make it. Don’t lose sight of the future youContinue reading “You Can Start Over”

Stay the Course in Your Ministry

Sometimes, there will be obstacles in your way when you are showing an interest in doing the right thing.  Whether it is you, others, or even a particular obstacle trying to stop you from walking in your purpose, when you see these obstacles around you or even within yourself, be encouraged and know that itContinue reading “Stay the Course in Your Ministry”